Saturday, 3 October 2015


Hi everyone!

Okay so I may not of written on my blog in many shameful month, but trust me, im back and feeling great! When I stopped blogging I just didn't have the inspiration and the content to keep my readers interested, but I'm not feeling inspired! I have a very stressful year ahead of me with my GCSE's next year and I have a lot of coursework which needs to be handed in, but I have some spare time on my hands and im excited to start blogging again. I have a few interesting trips coming up with maybe heading to New York or Dubai, so there will be lots of blog posts about that, and also its Autumn, my favourite season, so lots of seasonal posts aswell. Just perceiver with me and I'll be back before you know it!

Amy xx

Monday, 4 May 2015

Review: The Body Code Product

Recently I got in contact with a beautiful woman called Ashley who runs a Etsy business called The Body Code, we were talking about my blog and her business and she was kind enough to send me a product to review.
She shipped it from the United States to the United Kingdom and only took 2 weeks roughly, she sent me her Organic Lash Serum, i had never tried a product like it. 
The product took roughly a month to see real changes, it helped strengthen my lashes and along lengthen them, I noted my lashes were looking longer and fuller, it can also be used on your eyebrows as well, which I am trying now because my eyebrows are quite thin. 

She uses all organic products and will not irritate your eyes and face, that was something i was sceptical about first, but it really didn't feel like there was anything on your lashes.

She also makes diaper balm, lotion bars, hand sanitizers, face tonic, healing solves etc, all handcrafted at home and are all beneficial for the skin and body. 
She left a little note, just telling all about her and her business and how everything is official and about the business and her inspiration.. 
Her etsy account is 
you can email her at 
and you can follow her on twitter,instagram and facebook at TheBodyCode 

altogether I loved the product and would definitely buy from her again. 
Amy xx 

Monday, 20 April 2015

Spring Fashion Essentials// Collab with Heavenisaplaceonline

Hi Guys, so lately I started talking to this girl called Elena, and she runs this blog called  (I think you should all go check her out) anyways, we have decided to do a collab blog post together, so enjoy! 

Im focussing on spring fashion essentials and ive put together some of the most important things I think you need to pull of that spring style, starting from head to toe... 

Floral crowns: Floral crowns are a great way to add colour and texture in to a look, they are easy to find, super cheap and can add so much detail to your look. 
Earrings: I love earrings, all the different variations and colour and style, they go with anything, and can add the glitz and glamour to your day! Diamonds are a girls best friend! 
Statement sunglasses: Sunglasses are my life in summer, one they make sure you can see and two they can make your style look so classy, and for an added bonus you can use them to shield yourself from the outside world.

Flowy white dress: Everybody needs a simple white dress that they can fall on when you just cant pick an outfit, everybody needs one. 
Skorts: I think a skort is a genius idea and it can really help you feel comfortable but still fashionable at the same time. I think the pattern ones are the cutest and you can easily dress them up or down.
 Kimono: Last spring/summer kimonos were in and were the hottest trend... I think we should bring them back, they pull an outfit together. 

Denim Shorts: who doesn't love denim shorts in the warmer weather, personally I love the distressed high waisted shorts, but I love all denim shorts. 
Floral print: Obviously floral print are big in summer and are super cute, personally they should be acceptable all you round. 

Heels: Heels can be work all year round but are easy to wear when going out, you can get so many designs now there's just to much to pick from. 
Sandals: I love sandals, especially gladiator sandals, they just look so cool and really well detailed, plus they can dress down a posh outfit if you just want to go out, and there just so easy to put on if you have no other shoes. 

Hope you enjoyed this blog post, come back next time for a new post!
Amy x

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Back To School Essentials!

I know alot of you will be already of gone back to school, but I start tomorrow, so i thought I would write a quick blog post about essentials for going back to school! 


  • Planner: a planner is really important for keeping organised in school, I know myself im not an organised person, so a planner keeps me on track. You can buy so many different prints and colours and you can write all your homework down in it. 
  • Pencil case: I used to love carrying a pencil case with me to school because I can fill it up with loads of fun, coloured pens and pencils and also look cool with a pretty print. Its an easy way to keep all your stationary together without it getting lost. 
  • Highlighters: when it comes to exams, highlighters are my best friend, they keep all the important notes stored in my brain with colour. 

Bag essentials//
  • Headphones: I know alot of teachers wont allow headphones but when you are allowed, headphones let me unwind and listen to music while doing my work in a peaceful carefree way.
  • Money,Keys,phone: I feel this is self explanatory and people carry this everywhere.
  • Miniature hairbrush and hair ties:you just never know when your having a bad hair day or you just want to tie all your hair off your face. 
  • Bodyspray/parfume: I feel all girls need this, just to freshen up or to spray the person who doesn't wear deodorant next to you. (we all do it!)

Emergency girl kit//

  • concealer:Its just my luck when im in the middle of class and a massive zit pops up on my face, not cute, so concealer is your flawless skin best friend!
  • Eye brow product:what can I say, its for when them brows just 'arnt on fleek'
  • powder/blotting sheets:after gym when your all sweaty and makeup is practically dripping off your face, you need powder or blotting sheets to wipe it all away, like it never happened ;)
  • Deodorant: Like above, for when your sweaty...
  • Tampons and pads: Even when it isnt that time of the month, you can never be to careful so just tuck them away down a side pocket or in your kit and your good to go! 

Thank you for reading this blog post, I hoped you liked it, go check me out on instagram and all that jazz. 
see you next time, 
love Amy xx 

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Mini Lush Haul

I love lush and always find my self wandering in the store while im shopping. I know alot of people find the scent over whelming but I adore it! 
The other day while i was wandering the store I decided to pick up a bath bomb called Blackberry bath bomb 
It has a fresh berry scent as the name would suggest and is one of the larger bath bombs from the range. When it dissolves in your bath it creates a deep purple shade and has frankincense to help you relax! 
One of the other products I bought was the lush butter ball which has a foodie scent. 

 It smells like vanilla and cocoa and leaves your skin feeling silky soft when you get out of the bath. It has lots of ingredients which help and benefit your skin but does not change the colour of the bath.
I hope you enjoyed my mini haul and review, 
see you next time, 
love you  
Amy xx  


I recently joined a site called Bloglovin, and if you like reading blog then you totally need to sign up! 

Its a website where if you have a blog, you can put it on Bloglovin and people can follow you and you gain more reader activity from this. I personally like reading it for inspiration for blog posts or to just see what other bloggers find interesting and how they style there blog and posts. 

if you click on the link on the side of my blog you  can go straight to my blog on Bloglovin, sign up and follow me! 
Its a great place for reading blogs on  the go and making new friends, so hurry, go.... 
lots of love,
Amy xx 

Friday, 17 April 2015


The 'Tumblr' fashion
so we can all admit that we are slightly obsessed with Tumblr, and who wouldn't be, its a website full of alternative style and its a place that I loose myself in quite a lot!
The thing that interests me the most, is the fashion! we can all see that tumblr fashion has this edge, alternative look or a girly feminine look but they all tie together to create a certain vibe and feel. 

One style is the comfortable cute look// 

they are always styles with a baggy jumper and destressed shorts which we can try and mostly fail pulling off. The knee high socks complete the outfit with either combat boots or converse/trainers. And there hair is either in messy waves or a messy bun, which is totally predictable for the 'messy,comfortable' look. 

Another style is the to cute to be true look// 

This look mainly is focused around colour and fitting. Shorts are included again but are mainly flowy, trying to create the illusion of a skirt! A blazer is always in and can help show off your intelligent, business woman look. Long earrings and statement jewellery are a must as always and no look is complete without a bag to match the outfit! 

Although the two looks are different they are all unique and have a vibe which is very relaxing, we have to remember that they are normal people so we can create these looks as well if we want. 

Just remember to be yourself and not let anybody make you think otherwise, 
love you 
Amy xx